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Welcome to - my name is Nigel, I am the founder of and am the Singapore distributor of NAQI Belgian Skincare, a skincare specialist and innovator since 1986 from and made in Belgium.

About NAQI:

Our mission is to develop preventive and post-curative skin care products and to thus contribute to the quality of the care provided and to patient satisfaction.

On this website you will discover how our products can provide solutions to a large number of skin complaints and problems. You will see a description of the complaint or the problem and you will find the appropriate Naqi solution.

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Scar Treatment

Lighten, treat, regenerate skin, skin elasticity and flatten new and old scars. (Acne, pimple, scar, burn, keloid, surgical, stretch marks scars etc).

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Eczema And Dry Skin

High-quality, effective shower gel and skin cream for intensive care of vulnerable, dry, and sensitive skin and eczema conditions.

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Rehab Gels For Pain Relief

NAQI rehab gels are specificly formulated to provide specialized and specific pain relief eg pains of rheumatism, joints, swelling etc.

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Post-burn Treatment

Post burn treatment creams for painful burns- and heat-related injuries that are caused by heat, fire, friction, steam, radiation therapy etc.

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Anti-friction & Anti-chafing

NAQI® Body Screen protects the skin against friction forces, burns and blisters caused by skin-skin, skin-materials and skin-body-fluids contact and friction.

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Massage Lotions

Specialized lotions for hands-on treatment including massage, deep tissue release, manual therapy, trigger point release etc

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Facial Skin

Three specialized facial care products: facial cleanser, skin booster and facial skin protection for active lifestyle

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Body Toning & Slimming

Helps to make your body, arms, buttocks and legs slimmer and firmer by promoting the targeted breakdown of fat and cellulite.

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